We supply and install superior quality, high density NZ made polyester insulation manufactured by InsulPro. We also provide a range of affordable fiber glass based products such as Bradford Gold as well as other well known products like Pink Batts, Expol and Greenstuff



InsulPro is a New Zealand owned and operated manufacturer of polyester thermal and acoustic insulation - supplying the local New Zealand market and export a range of insulation products for the home or commercial building. InsulPro are proud to be New Zealand made and supporting New Zealand by creating warmer, healthier homes and buildings as well as investing in research and development - with manufacturing facilities in Auckland and Milton, near Dunedin. Visit their website -


NOVAtherm - Ceiling Insulation | Wall Insulation

NOVAtherm ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation is made of polyester, the material that is used in most pillows. NOVAtherm is a unique mix of premium polyester, including hollow conjugate fibre (high-tech fibre used in quality sleeping bags and extreme outdoor clothing) as well as recycled fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. Polyester is safe and healthy to handle and work with. Because NOVAtherm ceiling and wall insulation comes in a roll, it is easy and very fast to install. It is simply laid over ceiling framing, or fastened on to wall framing. To fit a specific area, NOVAtherm can be torn to length or cut with shears and comes in a R-values to suit all homes and commercial environments.  NOVAtherm underfloor insulation comes in a pad and is friction fitted between the floor joists and is able to be squeezed to fit tightly under the floor – making it easy and fast to install.


NOVAfloor - Underfloor Insulation

NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation is high density insulation for use under the floor and is made from 100% polyester in NZ. It incorporates a blend of technical fibres for thermal performance and a high percentage of recycled fibres for sustainability.  NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation has an R-Value of R1.4 and is friction fitted between floor joists and is proven to stay in place where you need it – snug under your home floorboards. Fitted correctly, NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation won’t fall out. More importantly when it is installed under the floor in your home it maintains its effectiveness under adverse conditions. Tests have shown that polyester insulation blankets used under the floor do not perform as well due to air flow under the home, even under light wind conditions. NOVAfloor’s underfloor insulation heavy duty formulation cuts out draughts coming up through the floorboards, and has excellent acoustic characteristics, especially in homes with exposed floor boards.



NOVAhush is a superb way to create a quiet living and working environment. It uses a unique mix of quality polyester fibres including recycled fibres made from plastic bottles. This delivers outstanding acoustic insulation in ceilings and walls.  NOVAhush Acoustic Insulation and NOVAhush Bafflestack products control noise transfer from one room to another. Sound energy travels between two rooms through the walls and ceilings by making them vibrate or through any holes that may exist. Adding NOVAhush in the cavity of a wall or ceiling increases the sound insulation by dissipating some of the energy of the sound wave as it passes through the wall. This dissipated energy cannot be transmitted.


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